Tacoma Employment Attorney

Employees are a vital component of any business. The management of those workers is guided by state and federal law. It is important that you have an understanding of how employment law functions and that you use this understanding to establish and communicate clear guidelines for how your employees will be treated.

Tacoma Employment Lawyers — Navigating The Waters Of Employment Law And Relations

The employment attorneys of McGavick Graves, P.S., work with business owners to create comprehensive manuals and guidelines for their employees that follow all pertinent laws and provide a comfortable work environment. When disputes arise with current or former employees, we are available to resolve these matters on your behalf, minimizing impact to the business and its operations.

No matter the nature of the dispute, we have the experience needed to efficiently evaluate the problem and provide solutions.

Pierce County Wrongful Termination Lawyers

We are also available to represent employees whose employee rights have been violated by their company. Our lawyers will carefully listen to and understand your case, gathering evidence to show where the employer has acted outside of the law. While the deck may seem stacked against you as you fight to protect your rights, we provide the experience and legal understanding to get results on your behalf. Many times, claims by an employee need the backing of an experienced employment law attorney to gain traction. These can be claims of wrongful termination, employment discrimination, harassment or other employee rights issues.

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To learn more about how our employment attorneys can best represent your interests, please contact our law firm today at 253-254-5900 or 800-709-7015.