It is often debated amongst people in Tacoma over where the responsibility a driver has to ensure the safety of the passengers in their vehicle begins and ends. Most may agree that when it comes to child passengers, a driver must ensure that they are all properly restrained before beginning to drive. Even though some people may argue that drivers should also not drive before adult passengers have fastened their seat belts, it is also understandable that an adult should know of the need to be securely buckled in. 

One thing that might be universally agreed upon, however, is that regardless of the age of their passengers, a driver should not endanger them by engaging in reckless or negligent behavior. 

A deadly plunge 

Authorities are currently looking into whether or not such behavior may have played a factor in a recent fatal crash that occurred here in Tacoma. Two people were killed and one more was injured when a car fell from the Pacific Avenue Bridge. Thankfully, it avoided hitting any vehicles passing below, falling into the median before coming to rest on its roof. It is unclear whether or not the driver was one of the two killed in the accident. 

Holding a driver responsible for recklessness 

It may be difficult for passengers traveling in a vehicle to hold the driver transporting them responsible due to the fact that them traveling together indicates a pre-existing relationship between them (although that is not always the case). Still, when a driver’s reckless actions result in an accident they should be held liable for the resulting expenses. Anyone needing to seek compensation in such a scenario may be wise to first secure the services of an experienced personal injury attorney.