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Guidance In Divorce Mediation

In recent years, collaborative law has become widely recognized throughout the country as a cost-effective method for reaching a divorce agreement with minimal contention. While divorce will always be extremely emotionally charged, mediation mitigates that effect by allowing both parties to work together toward an agreement.

If you have children, you will have to interact with your former spouse far into the future. This process allows you to mutually agree upon a plan that will serve the best interests of both parties, as well as the children. By working through that process together, clients often manage to salvage some of the relationship, arriving at a place where they can work together for the good of the child in the future.

In the mediation process, both spouses sit down with a neutral third party. This individual must be trained to facilitate the conversation and keep it moving toward a productive outcome. Through these negotiations, the spouses will work together to craft the specifics of a full divorce plan. This will then be finalized and approved by a judge to make it official.

In most situations, this is far less expensive and much more amicable than a trial. The process also moves much faster, saving additional cost and heartache.

At McGavick Graves, P.S., our attorneys are skilled at guiding clients through this process. While we are skilled in traditional divorces and fighting on behalf of our clients, we understand the emotional and financial toll it can take. When a couple wishes for something more amicable, we are prepared to offer the options and solutions that they need.

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